Birthdays, new PR, muscle swelling, and SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL

 Hello All! I have taken two days in a row off from the gym. Usually this freaks me out and makes me think I have fallen off my plan and I am going to get so fat and blah blah blah. But you know what, my body needed it, and so I just breathed and let it happen. Tuesday night I had an intense workout, which included back squats. I’m definitely getting stronger because I went from squatting 90 lbs last week to 125 this week. The feeling was great but I woke up super swollen, almost bloated. I was retaining a lot of water because I weighed 3 pounds more than the previous day. This tends to happen to me when I start lifting heavy weights. After researching, I’ve concluded that this is what happens when you lift heavy. The muscle fibers tear and repair for a few days after the workout so they can grow to be stronger. This swelling always tends to demotivate me because I never understood what was going on. I just figured I was getting bulky and fat and weights were the enemy! This time around I am giving myself enough rest and fighting through the bulky feeling, and so far so good.

Last night, my friend of 20 years celebrated her birthday. She is from Ethiopia, and loves Ethiopian food so we all went out to celebrate. We had lamb, beef tartare, salad, feta cheese, spices and a variety of cooked veggies. There is a gluten free bread called injera, which didn’t hurt my stomach at all! I am proud to say i came out on top last night with no stomach pains. I had a small piece of red velvet bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Man they do it right. They make the most awesome, quality, moist cakes. Since we were celebrating, and I love Nothing Bundt Cakes, I had a piece. SOOOOOO good and well worth it. I was just waiting for the indigestion and stomach pains, but they never came. After dinner, I went home and went to bed because this week was crazy with school. 2 papers, 3 tests, a group project, an interview for a princess party company (I think I got the job!!!!!), and babysitting. I needed some rest, so no gym for me yesterday. That is OK because today I feel great, and am going to kill it in the gym. BOO BOO comes home today!!! It’s been 3 weeks!! The last few days I haven’t slept because of excitement. Im going to have a steak din din ready for him!


Paleo, Puppies and Pals.

 Weekend Roundup, y’all! 

Ok ok haha I know. Yesterday’s, or last night’s post was pathetic. I was a zombie all day. I had that sick feeling coming on, and didn’t want to do anything. Forgive me? Friends?

So since last night’s post was so crappy, I decided to do a weekend round up of some of the exciting things that went on (which is probably why I was so tired and sick yesterday….or maybe it was a case of the Mondays. That ish is real).

First of all, I bet my puppy’s breeder hates me because I email her every weekend begging for a weekly pic of Rocky. I love him already and my fiancé and I can’t get enough of this little guy. Breeder says he’s doing great, and guess what! If you’ll notice, his eyes opened, which makes him all the more cuter. OMG I just want to kiss him. I think Kitty is learning what’s up because she has been a lunatic. Literally, jumping off walls. Not sure if she’s excited of pissed. We shall soon find out.

On Sunday, my sister and best friend Audrey all met up in LA and had a huge vent session about how we are not made for SoCal. I know it’s important to find the positive side of life but sometimes positivity comes from vocalizing your thoughts to people who get you. That way you all can connect on the issue and make light of the situation.

We all felt so much better after sharing our lack of LA passion. No offense to anyone who loves LA or SoCal, we’re just country mice at
heart who need wide open spaces, little to no traffic, and rolling hills. I am FED UP with the stress I get just from driving from my condo to the grocery store. In my opinion, a simple errand shouldn’t be so daunting.

Alright rant over because then we got to Santa Monica Pier and it was glorious. Well, minus the anti-war protestors. I’m sorry. I fully, 100%
support our troops. They put their lives on the line every day so that we can peacefully lay our heads to rest. How disrespectful of a person to try and bash our American heroes. Oops sorry.

Thought my ranting was over…Ok now I think I’m done. But just look how beautiful this picture
is with the ferris wheel and bright colors. I LOVEd seeing this. This picture below is even more beautiful, because I am with my closest friends and family.

So yesterday, I got sick. Probably because I have been staying up way too late, not getting enough sleep and working out really hard in the sun.

What did I do? I took the day off from working out, shoved some kleenex up my nose and went to sleep. And look at my little nurse who stayed by my side.

  Is it just me who wants spicy food when they’re sick? I was dumping red chili flakes and Tobasco on everything. I even made up a new recipe–Culture Cluster. I mixed food that I used to eat in Spain with food I have had in New Orleans and got this dish.

Here’s the recipe for Culture Cluster:

  • 1 chicken jalepeno sausage pan seared from Trader Joe’s
  • .75 cup of organic jasmine rice 3 minutes in microwave. also trader joes
  • 2 cups of spinach, sautéed with garlic and .5 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Tobasco to taste
  • red chili flakes

Here’s some cool news!
I will be starting my practice preschool with my first student today. I have the curriculum box all ready to go with lesson plans galore. I can’t wait to see how this all pans out.

 Finally, boo boo has been gone for work for almost a month, so missing him last night I wore his robe that is usually off limits to me when he’s here but guess what! He’s gone so there’s nothing he can do about it. His cologne was still on it, which that smell brings back all of my loving memories for him and always brings me at peace. SO weird how one little smell can change your mood.

Ahhhh I feel so much better now after writing. Thanks for being part of my life and following me on my adventures.
Do something amazing today!

Daily workout

Here’s a short but sweet….ok wrong word choice…this workout definitely isn’t sweet. It sucks. SUPER painful… Alright don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Here she is:

  • 800 m run
  • 20 hang squat cleans
  • 40 kb swing
  • 800 m run
  • 15 hang squat clean
  • 30 kb swing
  • 800 m run
  • 10 hang squat clean
  • 20 kb swing
THATS ALL SHE WROTE FOLKS….I did some extra because I ate a lot… hehe
My extra workout consisted of assault bike sprints.
I am super excited because I get to see a new pic of Rocky today from the breeder. I will be sure to show you all once I get it. I am also really excited because I went to the grocery store and got a ton of paleo options to share with y’all.
xoxoxox have an awesome day because you are awesome.

SO SORE! AND 5 lb weight loss from April 7-21st!!!!

YAY!!! I have lost 5 lbs!! I went from 128, well actually 130.5 originally at my worst to now 123!!! this has all come from not stressing out about losing weight, not being calorie obsessed, and of course, switching back to strict Paleo! I have come to find out that when you really learn about your body and listen to signals, the weight loss becomes seamless. I still work by butt off almost every day, but I know the importance of building muscle and keeping my heart healthy.

Also, I made some bacon wrapped dates!! I was randomly craving them. These were the easy version in a pan because I hate baking things! it always takes way too long and makes the house hot.


What I did is pan fried some bacon strips and when they
were done I wrapped them around dates and let them cool. I couldn’t wait until they were cool….they looked so good! Yeah, I burned my mouth but it was soon worth it.

Have an awesome day today!!


Simple Meals

Sauerkraut, bacon, cauliflower rice and chicken sausage. GOOD AND EASY. All you have to do is fry it up in a pan. Cook the bacon first and use the leftover fat to cook the cauliflower and sausage in it.
I am nearing the end of my child development classes (hallelujah) but now what? Now, I find a job. I have some opportunities at some childcare centers but I am scared. Why? because apparently you don’t make ISH! I am extremely passionate about kids but at the same time I don’t want to be impoverished for the rest of my life lol. UGHHhhhh Don’t you just love being thousands of dollars in debt for an education you aren’t utilizing….i just LOVE that. Well, to be continued on that one.
Workout today—must kick my butt because i thought I could handle making a big batch of potatoes, spreading them out through the week but nope. probably had a weeks worth of potatoes in one sitting. But as you know I’m fed up and I give into cravings if my body tells me too….the only problem is that today I don’t think my body was telling me to eat it… was my heart… OMG potatoes with butter salt and pepper…be still my beating heart. Potatoes are frickin addicting.
Well anyways here is my workout:
  • 5 x 3 power snatch (12 minutes)
  • Then–
    • 16 minute amrap
      • Run 400 m
      • 15 OH squat
      • 8 burpee pull ups
XOXOXOXO love y’all


I cooked up something delicious! I had some leftover chicken and dumped it into a can of paleo friendly tomato sauce. This dinner was so easy! I topped the sauce over sautéed zoodles and voila! SUPER EASY dinner.



My Cute Little Kitty 🙂


Had an EPIC day today.


Epic Bar…100% grass fed, 100% paleo!

I branched out today and had an EPIC bar. I probably won’t have another one, but at least I tried. I can’t say I am too fond of lamb mixed with currant. I don’t know….I am weird.

They are super easy snacks for on the go or travel, so maybe I will have them again in the future. I need to try different flavors.

So I am really seeing some great results on my Paleo/crossfit/intuitive plan. I haven’t seen the numbers on the scale drop too much, but this time around I am taking my time.

What I ate Today:


  • Breakfast
    • 1/2 peanut butter Perfect Bar—–frickin A I am addicted to those.

      Lean Green Monster Smoothie!

    • 1/2 bottle of Multi Green Kombucha
  • Snack
    • a couple of blackberries
  • Lunch
    • 4 oz of grass fed ribeye, simply grilled with some kerry gold butter
    • 1 medium zucchini (zoodles) sauteed.
    • 4 blackberries
  • Snack
    • Lean green monster smoothie—recipe coming soon!!
  • Dinner
    • 2 oz leftover ribeye
    • 2 cups spinach sauté —recipe also coming soon!
    • 1 date with coconut oil—best dessert
Today, I took a barre class as an active recovery workout. KICKED MY BUTT!
xoxox do something amazing today and tell me about it.

The PERFECT bar.

What a wonderful weekend I had. These peanut flavored Perfect Bars gave me just the energy I needed to get through some tough weekend workouts.

Every Saturday I do Dan’s Power Workout at 10 am sharp…he runs a circuit style class. Here’s some of the exercises:
10-20 reps of each exercise then rotate to the next one. Do four rounds.
  • Jumping lunges
  • Front squats
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Explosive pushups
  • Overhead press with bands
  • Bridge with heels in the ground, alternating leg lifts
  • Assault bike sprint using just arms
  • Mountain Climbers with gliders
  • Medicine ball slams–NO SQUAT
  • Bicep curl with bands

Perfect Bars – Amazing & Addictive!

All worth it in the end because I was headed to a pool party at Hard Rock…which I didn’t get in to. SO stupid. I bought a ticket but because they were at capacity I had to buy another ticket that cost $40 and wait in line another 2 hours. By that time is was 4 pm and the party ended at 6. Such a scam…

I ended up spending the rest of the day at Hotel Del Coronado with some friends. It was still a perfect, beautiful day. What did y’all do?
I am going to start doing posts about what I ate in a day…Who wants it?
xoxo Chelsea


AHHHHHh…that was me letting out a big sigh. My tough school week is over. I had a few presentations as well as multiple projects. My sleep schedule was a little ruffled, and it definitely had an effect on my mood. Anyways, today I am recharging my batteries by taking a rest day. Listening to your body’s needs is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have found that when I push myself too far, I always take a step backwards.
Guess what. I created my own poke at Whole Foods. They have a station where you pick the toppings and everything. I looooved it. Ticket price was a little expensive for me at $13, but I will definitely treat myself with this on occasions.

Fuller Hair, Workout, Breaky

Paleo is making my hair healthy and voluptuous again. Eating leafy green veggies as well as focusing on eating when I am actually hungry, rather than craving something has really helped me feel better and heal my body……and hair~ My acne has cleared up, teeth are whiter, and bloating is going away all in just over a week’s worth of time!!
I had an awesome workout today:
  • 15 minute warm up of tabata sprints on the bike
  • 5×5 overhead squats
  • 12 minutes of
    • Minute 1 god situps
    • Minute 2 45 second handstand hold
  • 20 EMOM of
    • 10 calorie on air dyne
    • 60 jumping jacks
    • 10 calorie row
    • 200 m sprint
  • Practice muscle ups on rings
  • 15×3 Kettle bell side raises each side
  • 3 30 second planks
  • 10×3 toe to bar
This was a hard one….collapsed at the end.
OOOH take a look at my egg-free breakfast…I am experimenting taking out eggs for breakfast

Chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s, spinach saute, homemade guacamole, Trader Joe’s sauerkraut (for probiotics)

I am a very simple eater…I don’t mind not having super rich or flavorful meals..honestly I am fed up with all the hassle of dishes and blah blah blah…You will see me post when I try a new recipe or make something up, but it’s definitely not every day that I cook up some fancy shmancy meal.