Back to Paleo and Not Giving a Crap

Ok soo I was recently on the stupidest diet ever. Ketogenic…ever heard of it? Well ok it may not be stupid, perhaps it was an operator error but I really eff’d up my body, especially my metabolism. The diet consists of 80% of your calories from FAT, which I love fat don’t get me wrong but come on! There are limits. I was drinking bullet proof coffee on the daily, which consisted of heavy whipping cream, straight up butter and MCT oil/Coconut oil.

The idea is to burn ketones for energy instead of carbs–oh yeah, I was only allowed 17 carbs a day; there are 15 carbs in 1 banana -_- Needless to say, my metabolism was slower than a snail, I was constipated as a mother *** and tired all the time. I couldn’t perform my normal workouts.

Initially I lost a bunch of weight, water weight…in the end my body started to go into starvation mode from intermittent fasting. I went from 5 feet 119 lbs to 130.5 in only a few weeks. So depressed, defeated, confused, bloated, (getting mad just thinking about it) I got fed up. I felt lost, I didn’t know how someone who worked so hard in the gym and was disciplined with her diet could gain weight.

I decided to go back to the lifestyle change that changed my life-Paleo. I LOVE PALEO. Paleo is seamless and easy. My acne clears, bloating disappears, I am never thirsty, I think straight, cravings are few and far between. What is Paleo you ask? There is a ton of literature on it now. Read The Paleo Solution by Rob Wolf or buy Practical Paleo– she breaks down the meaning of your poop!

Paleo is basically vegan but with meat..haha but seriously. No processed food, dairy, legumes or grains. My body has never felt more clean or healthy. When I practice Paleo I hardly get sick. When I initially made the switch back in 2011, I lost a good 25 pounds.

I have been back on the Paleo train for about a week now and have decided to blog about it. Hey, I have no life besides taking child development courses so why not? I am a big advocate of Paleo as well as cute outfits, fun workouts, dancing, singing, child development (I am working on opening a childcare center–more on that later I am sure), raising a kitty and puppy, and so much more.

Join me on this journey of life, and you and I can learn from each other. xoxo 🙂

Thanks a lot, Keto… -_-




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