First off, do I look like Jesus?

I am frick a fracking hooked on SnapChat filters. I’ve never done crack but I can imagine, SnapChat filters are pretty high up there…They are super weird and sometimes absurd, and yet totally addicting. My favorite thing to do is to screenshot my friends’ filtered selfies….Idiots. Do they think I am not going to start a library of all of the hideous faces???? I’m evil laughing in my head just thinking of all the black mail I have on them…”Oh what? You can’t go to the movies tonight, Sarah? Oh, that’s ok I’ll just post that picture of you with an enormous forehead, quadruple eyes and a beard.” HAHA I am totally kidding…kind of. But on a more serious note, how crazy is my resemblance to Jesus? Man, how I love SnapChat.

Alright. Enough of that. Here’s my Sunday workout y’all:

Long run—–1 hour keeping heart rate at 154 bpm
Cycling——-30 minutes of sprints, incline, flat road


A little bit of what I like to call, HIIT-which means High Intensity Interval Training

  • 60 second skaters
  • 60 second jumping squat
  • 60 second mountain climbers
  • 60 second pushups
  • 60 second plank

REPEAT 3-4 TIMES= 3-4 rounds

That’s all folks. I had a jam-packed weekend so no weights today. I’m feeling a little sleepy.


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