Paleo and Puppies

Hello World, Meet Rocky!

Hi there! This weekend was great!! My best friend came to visit, and I have some exciting news to share!!! The boo thang and I are getting a puppy. He’s a super cute Boxer named Rocky. I can’t wait to take him home in 7 weeks. He was so tiny I thought I was going to drop him.

I was so proud of myself because usually when friends come to visit, I get way too

Pepitas, strawberries, blueberries, chicken sausage & cheese medallion from Trader Joe’s & spinach sauté

excited and fall off the deep end eating a bunch of crap that makes me feel like crap…..but since being back on Paleo, I was able to keep myself nourished and didn’t crave any food that upsets my system. I have been experimenting with not eating eggs to try and see if it clears up my acne. So far I have been break out free!! I don’t even miss eggs. Here’s an example of a typical breakfast for me:

Hope everyone did something enjoyable this weekend as well 🙂
xoxoxo ta-ta

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