Active Recovery Day & Camping

Camping was a success! Oddly enough, bae and I chose the exact same campsite (lot) that we had picked out last time, which was over 3 years ago. How crazy is that?! No, there’s no bears to worry about in Southern California camping; however, it’s no Tahoe. I grew up visiting Tahoe every summer, and if you haven’t been there yet I highly recommend going there. It is so beautiful and the water is crystal clear.
Are you wondering where the tent is? Welp we slept in the truck bed with a tarp over us. –not my idea lol.

Our Campsite 🙂

Today, I had an active recovery day of yoga and barre at my gym. The yoga kind of sucked, and not in a good way. It was all rushy rushy ugh. And why are basic yogis sooooo territorial of their space? haha I swear each person requires a 10 foot radius around them. When I was doing Core Power Yoga, sometimes the classes were so full that everyone’s mats were touching….sweat dripped on you…your face went right into someone’s butt on a forward fold…and it was great. Oh, and because I showed up 5 minutes early, not 15-20 minutes early, everyone glared at me like I was the anti-Christ.
Barre on the other hand was amazing. The instructor was like one of those strict dance teachers you see in a dance movie where the girl wants to get into Julliard or something. I felt like Black Swan holding on to the barre. Anyways, I think I have found a new active recovery activity…I’m hooked.
Have a great day y’all xoxox



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