Fuller Hair, Workout, Breaky

Paleo is making my hair healthy and voluptuous again. Eating leafy green veggies as well as focusing on eating when I am actually hungry, rather than craving something has really helped me feel better and heal my body……and hair~ My acne has cleared up, teeth are whiter, and bloating is going away all in just over a week’s worth of time!!
I had an awesome workout today:
  • 15 minute warm up of tabata sprints on the bike
  • 5×5 overhead squats
  • 12 minutes of
    • Minute 1 god situps
    • Minute 2 45 second handstand hold
  • 20 EMOM of
    • 10 calorie on air dyne
    • 60 jumping jacks
    • 10 calorie row
    • 200 m sprint
  • Practice muscle ups on rings
  • 15×3 Kettle bell side raises each side
  • 3 30 second planks
  • 10×3 toe to bar
This was a hard one….collapsed at the end.
OOOH take a look at my egg-free breakfast…I am experimenting taking out eggs for breakfast

Chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s, spinach saute, homemade guacamole, Trader Joe’s sauerkraut (for probiotics)

I am a very simple eater…I don’t mind not having super rich or flavorful meals..honestly I am fed up with all the hassle of dishes and blah blah blah…You will see me post when I try a new recipe or make something up, but it’s definitely not every day that I cook up some fancy shmancy meal.

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