The PERFECT bar.

What a wonderful weekend I had. These peanut flavored Perfect Bars gave me just the energy I needed to get through some tough weekend workouts.

Every Saturday I do Dan’s Power Workout at 10 am sharp…he runs a circuit style class. Here’s some of the exercises:
10-20 reps of each exercise then rotate to the next one. Do four rounds.
  • Jumping lunges
  • Front squats
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Explosive pushups
  • Overhead press with bands
  • Bridge with heels in the ground, alternating leg lifts
  • Assault bike sprint using just arms
  • Mountain Climbers with gliders
  • Medicine ball slams–NO SQUAT
  • Bicep curl with bands

Perfect Bars – Amazing & Addictive!

All worth it in the end because I was headed to a pool party at Hard Rock…which I didn’t get in to. SO stupid. I bought a ticket but because they were at capacity I had to buy another ticket that cost $40 and wait in line another 2 hours. By that time is was 4 pm and the party ended at 6. Such a scam…

I ended up spending the rest of the day at Hotel Del Coronado with some friends. It was still a perfect, beautiful day. What did y’all do?
I am going to start doing posts about what I ate in a day…Who wants it?
xoxo Chelsea

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