Simple Meals

Sauerkraut, bacon, cauliflower rice and chicken sausage. GOOD AND EASY. All you have to do is fry it up in a pan. Cook the bacon first and use the leftover fat to cook the cauliflower and sausage in it.
I am nearing the end of my child development classes (hallelujah) but now what? Now, I find a job. I have some opportunities at some childcare centers but I am scared. Why? because apparently you don’t make ISH! I am extremely passionate about kids but at the same time I don’t want to be impoverished for the rest of my life lol. UGHHhhhh Don’t you just love being thousands of dollars in debt for an education you aren’t utilizing….i just LOVE that. Well, to be continued on that one.
Workout today—must kick my butt because i thought I could handle making a big batch of potatoes, spreading them out through the week but nope. probably had a weeks worth of potatoes in one sitting. But as you know I’m fed up and I give into cravings if my body tells me too….the only problem is that today I don’t think my body was telling me to eat it… was my heart… OMG potatoes with butter salt and pepper…be still my beating heart. Potatoes are frickin addicting.
Well anyways here is my workout:
  • 5 x 3 power snatch (12 minutes)
  • Then–
    • 16 minute amrap
      • Run 400 m
      • 15 OH squat
      • 8 burpee pull ups
XOXOXOXO love y’all

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