SO SORE! AND 5 lb weight loss from April 7-21st!!!!

YAY!!! I have lost 5 lbs!! I went from 128, well actually 130.5 originally at my worst to now 123!!! this has all come from not stressing out about losing weight, not being calorie obsessed, and of course, switching back to strict Paleo! I have come to find out that when you really learn about your body and listen to signals, the weight loss becomes seamless. I still work by butt off almost every day, but I know the importance of building muscle and keeping my heart healthy.

Also, I made some bacon wrapped dates!! I was randomly craving them. These were the easy version in a pan because I hate baking things! it always takes way too long and makes the house hot.


What I did is pan fried some bacon strips and when they
were done I wrapped them around dates and let them cool. I couldn’t wait until they were cool….they looked so good! Yeah, I burned my mouth but it was soon worth it.

Have an awesome day today!!


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