Birthdays, new PR, muscle swelling, and SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL

 Hello All! I have taken two days in a row off from the gym. Usually this freaks me out and makes me think I have fallen off my plan and I am going to get so fat and blah blah blah. But you know what, my body needed it, and so I just breathed and let it happen. Tuesday night I had an intense workout, which included back squats. I’m definitely getting stronger because I went from squatting 90 lbs last week to 125 this week. The feeling was great but I woke up super swollen, almost bloated. I was retaining a lot of water because I weighed 3 pounds more than the previous day. This tends to happen to me when I start lifting heavy weights. After researching, I’ve concluded that this is what happens when you lift heavy. The muscle fibers tear and repair for a few days after the workout so they can grow to be stronger. This swelling always tends to demotivate me because I never understood what was going on. I just figured I was getting bulky and fat and weights were the enemy! This time around I am giving myself enough rest and fighting through the bulky feeling, and so far so good.

Last night, my friend of 20 years celebrated her birthday. She is from Ethiopia, and loves Ethiopian food so we all went out to celebrate. We had lamb, beef tartare, salad, feta cheese, spices and a variety of cooked veggies. There is a gluten free bread called injera, which didn’t hurt my stomach at all! I am proud to say i came out on top last night with no stomach pains. I had a small piece of red velvet bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Man they do it right. They make the most awesome, quality, moist cakes. Since we were celebrating, and I love Nothing Bundt Cakes, I had a piece. SOOOOOO good and well worth it. I was just waiting for the indigestion and stomach pains, but they never came. After dinner, I went home and went to bed because this week was crazy with school. 2 papers, 3 tests, a group project, an interview for a princess party company (I think I got the job!!!!!), and babysitting. I needed some rest, so no gym for me yesterday. That is OK because today I feel great, and am going to kill it in the gym. BOO BOO comes home today!!! It’s been 3 weeks!! The last few days I haven’t slept because of excitement. Im going to have a steak din din ready for him!


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