Good food, Ghetto Kitty Cats and Deadlifts

 I love me some good food, and so does my fiancé. He came home for the weekend, so naturally this weekend was full of good food. I made up some of my own dishes you can see below. We saw the new movie, Keanu with the little kitty in it. I thought it was pretty funny. What wasn’t funny was the stomach ache from all the artificially flavored buttered popcorn I ate. Although the stomach ache wasn’t funny, it was definitely worth it.

I got to workout in a pretty cool gym today. I did deadlifts and even 2 days later I am still sore. I took two days off from the gym because I picked up some last minute babysitting and was helping bae pack for his trip.

My body feels a bit out of whack today and I HATE THAT FEELING. I always get a little anxious when I start craving and shoving my face with sugar. I went to reach for a kombucha, but apparently booboo took them all with him on his trip. Well I guess I will be taking a trip to the grocery store after the gym today.

I cleaned the house, which always gives me that reset feeling. I also chugged some water and that seemed to help. But yeah, i think with the popcorn and taking bites here and there of the non paleo food babe was ordering didn’t help me. I broke out and am craving sugar. UGH It is refreshing to know what exactly causes these side effects. I like to know what affects my body and how.

Peep some of my food below!!

Have an amazing day and do something WILD. xoxox

Sautéed shrimp with homemade guac (red onion, ACV, garlic, lime)
Grass-fed ribeye, sautéed mushrooms and onions, spinach sauté
Leftover ribeye, spinach sauté, raw sauerkraut, and avocado
Eggplant lasagna, which unfortunately gave me a stomach ache because I put parmesan cheese on top.
Today’s lunch: grain free tabule, white rice, boneless skinless chicken thighs in coconut oil
Tabule recipe coming soon!
My outfit was cute minus the north face hehe I HATE being cold so sorry, no shame in ruining the outfit….I’d rather be warm. I am so happy to see my acne stays away when I eat the right things and exercise!!!

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