A Little Walk Down Memory Lane…

 This is me on my first day of 6th grade. I weighed probably 135 pounds and had horrible eating habits. For a regular meal I would get a burrito from HiTech Burrito, which is equivalent to Chipotle, for my drink I would get a medium Jamba Juice and also a pretzel. I thought being full and satisfied was eating until it hurt. My family members were all skinny so nutrition wasn’t a priority for our family. Their thinking at the time was, as long as you look good you’re fine. I was very happy at this age. My size bothered me a little bit but I always embraced what I looked like because I thought it was the body God gave me. Not until a doctor told me in 7th grade I needed to lose weight asap because my knees were suffering, did I begin my journey to health.

This is me a couple years ago. I am at my healthiest and smallest size. My regimen was

strict Paleo, and plenty of exercise. I incorporated a little less running than I had been doing, added more met cons and a couple more days of weight training. I was more happy in this picture than in my 12 years old picture. This is why I have made a conscious decision to always include fitness and nutrition in my life.
There was a point where I plateaued and blamed Paleo, cheat days came back, and not just one day a week. I would binge on the weekends, eating pizza, drinking way too much, not caring at all. then weight would creep up here and there. Then during the week I wouldn’t eat enough, hoping to burn off what I ate during the weekends. I have learned that Paleo wasn’t the problem. My health habits evolved into a very unstable, unhealthy one. I thought it was aging, eating too much, not working out hard enough, etc. You name it, I blamed it. There was constant fluctuation in my body and I was never satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. I was always scared eating would make me gain all this weight. I did crossfit twice a day. i was overtrained, not resting, not eating enough—a recipe for disaster. I had a ton of muscle but also a lot of fat from the stress I put on my body.
Recently, I did the bikini competition diet, which worked in the short term but made me fat in the long term. When I went off of the unsustainable diet I packed on the pounds. My body was keeping everything I was consuming. My acne was HORRIBLE. Then, crash diet after crash diet, I finally gave up and that’s when I started this blog about a month ago. the weight loss is slowwwwwww…verrryyy slow but alas, there is weight loss, and happiness and healthiness. On Easter, i was at my worst. I couldn’t fit my “big” pants, and I weighed 130 pounds, when usually my maintained weight is 115. No, it wasn’t muscle gains…I lost all that when I was an idiot and did the bikini diet.
*** this is from April 7-April 21 2016
Now, I am bringing back my healthy relationship with food! AND my acne is gone! WOO HOOO
Thank you again for being on this journey with me. I will do my best to motivate everyone out there who wants to be happy and healthy!
Do something amazing today!!

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