Puppy sitting and Wedding Dress Shopping

My lucky sister went to France yesterday, and even luckier me was left with her dog,
Charlie for 10 days. Charlie is loving San Diego. I must say this is good practice for when I get to have my own pup in just a few short weeks. I love getting outside more to exercise the dog and myself. I feel like when you have a dog you appreciate the outdoors more and take advantage of it. Here’s little Charlie girl, a 6 year old, red Boston Terrier who will forever look like a puppy.

So my momma sent me a care package in the mail, which was really sweet. She gave Kitty lots of balls and treats, and gave me a ton of wedding magazines. I am so overwhelmed with all of the planning and money that is involved, and have avoided any wedding related activities. Now, with this cool binder my mom got me… I feel less stressed. It has timelines, budgets, wedding themes, pretty much everything you need in order to successfully plan the special day.
I was flipping through magazines and this dress caught my eye. Unfortunately, the dress company is in Europe,which I won’t be traveling to any time soon. But, anywho what do you guys think of the dress style? I love the tool and lace and the way the straps are. Let me know what you think! There are so many options out there!!!
I have started a recipe box so be excited for some new recipes headed your way. My goal is to create simple meals that take only 10 ingredients or less, and they are ingredients you don’t have to go searching for at some specialty grocery store. That is the worst when you can’t find an ingredient…or when you go to buy a spice that costs 5 million thousand bazillion dollars and you only use it once. No no. most of my dishes will use garlic, coconut oil, red chili flakes, cinnamon, easy stuff…..the only weird one is probably ginger…which isn’t even that weird anymore.
10 minute warmup on stationary bike
18 minutes for 6 rounds of..
  • 10 pushups or 3 pull-ups
  • 15 second handstand hold
  • 14 walking kettle bell lunges (use 2 kettle bells, one on each side)
9 minutes of increasing sets (3,6,9,12,15….)
  • Front squat
  • burpees
 50 yard dash x 6 every 30 seconds
Don’t forget to roll out and stretch

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