Taco Tuesday–Paleofied Tacos

Hi everyone! How are you all? Just wanted to let you know the Instagram is now up and running and you can view our account by searching paleo.pals

Some exciting news, my best friend Audrey’s post about Paleo in Disneyland will be live tomorrow. And if you didn’t see, scroll down to find my braiding tutorial :)I tried out periscope for the first time today…you can find me at paleopals. I broadcasted my workout today, which was:

5 rounds of
3 pullups
20 kettle bell swings
20×2 kettle bell side bends (works obliques)
20 mountain climbers on sliders (right, left = 1)
20 burpees

check it out and let me know if my form sucks haha

I am having so much fun with blogging and posting. I am so thankful for you guys because it motivates me to continue my journey. XOOX

Today, I am talking about tacos.

Taco Tuesday is the best part of my week in San Diego…..the tacos here are legit. Sometimes, I’ll actually get out and have some street tacos, making sure the tortilla is gluten free at least. Here I used lettuce leaves as the shell 🙂
Paleo Tacos
1 tbs coconut oil
1 lb chicken
1/4 tsp garlic powder
juice from .5 lime
chopped cilantro
green onion
For the shell
lettuce leaves–romaine, butter leaf or iceberg work nicely.
Pan fry the chicken in the coconut oil, seasoning with garlic powder
Chop the chicken and build family style so everyone can make their own tacos

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