Giants VS Padres Recap–Paleo Style

Hello!!! The paleo pals reunited this weekend for an EPIC time. I was a little worried about what Paleo options would be available at a baseball game….I mean when I think baseball, I think beer, hot dogs, pretzels…nothing paleo. But look at what the paleo pals came across….gluten free beer, pizza, hot dogs and even a self-served juicing station. I was super impressed with all of the options. My favorite part I think was the fresh guacamole…no wait I take that back. My favorite part was the tequila, lime juice and soda water margarita that I sipped on.

Of course, we didn’t see the gluten free beer until it was too late. We had some regular beer and immediately felt swollen and itchy. It’s amazing how in tune to your body you become when you switch to paleo. I still feel like I am recovering…..Oh well, life is about balance and you have to be a bad A some times right?

My workout was more like an active recovery day. I walked on the treadmill and steamed all the toxins out of me in the steam room for a half hour.

Be sure to follow paleo.pals on instagram for even more paleo ideas and pure entertainment. LOL Audrey and I are working on some special projects at the moment. WE’RE SOOOO EXCITED but we can’t talk about them yet.

In the meantime, I will be putting up a dessert recipe soon so stay tuned.


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