Hair Growth Serum! 

Hey all! I have been hooked on natural oils and have been experimenting with them for over three years now. If you haven’t read Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention, you totes should. Liz is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural beauty care. Her book Eat The Yolks is also a must read.

Anyway, back to my magic serum! The boring, scientific definition of castor oil kind of makes me giggle: a pale yellow oil obtained from castor beans, used as a purgative and a lubricant and in manufacturing oil-based products. I don’t use it for any of those purposes obviously. I use it for its incredible hair growth benefits! Like seriously dude…I have shared my secret with guy friends and they apply it and use it as gel and have seriously dude seen bald spot shrink and hair grown fuller.

I personally only use it on my eyebrows because I have sensitive eyes so it burns when I apply it to my lashes, but my sister has no problem with it and her eyelashes have grown! Girls (or guys) who don’t want to have castor oil sitting in your hair all day can also apply it to your roots before you go to bed to increase hair growth.

I purchased an empty mascara tube to make application easier. I do a 3:1 ratio of castor oil to a lighter vegetable oil such as almond oil or apricot kernel oil because castor oil is so thick. Make sure you don’t fill the oils to the top or else you are going to get a serious overflow dude. And that’s that!

I have linked all products to Amazon but I know you can find all of these oils at Pharmaca and Whole Foods. I have also linked a HILARIOUS video and the reason behind us always saying  seriously dude

Let us know how castor oil changes your life…and how hard you laugh about the video on a scale of one to ten…seriously dude.


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