Happy Oil Pulling!


We all want white teeth, and we’d prefer to avoid dealing with cavities and fighting bad breath, right? Unfortunately, the most common way of achieving these three things usually requires chemicals or an expensive trip to the dentist. So what’s a paleo pal on a budget to do? Two words…oil pulling.

Oil pulling is where you take about a teaspoon of coconut oil, (you can also use sesame seed oil or olive oil), and swish it around in your mouth for a minimum of 20 minutes; that’s the amount of time it takes to collect and remove all of the toxins between your teeth and gums. When you’re done, make sure to spit the oil into the garbage so your drains don’t get congested with solidified oil. DO NOT SWALLOW!

Some of you may be thinking, “HA! Easier said than done…,” and I agree. It took me a little bit of mental strength and time to work my way up 20 minutes, so take your time! If day one you can only make it five minutes, that’s five minutes more than zero so be proud of yourself! Eventually you will find your routine and how to distract yourself while pulling. I like to do it while I am getting ready and showering in the morning to help the time pass by more quickly.

I have been oil pulling for over three years now, off and on, sometimes more consistent than other times, but my results have been amazing! (I add it to my daily to-do list). Immediately, your mouth feels impeccably clean, then within a short amount of time teeth begin to look whiter, gums don’t bleed and breath odor lessens. Other people have had cavities and bodily diseases cured as well. I’ve even read it helps cure hangovers!

Give it a try and please share with us your results! We would love to get feedback and your experiences with this timeless health regime! Here is our favorite coconut oil we use for oil pulling…and cooking…and makeup removing…and face washing…and hair masking…and skin moisturizing…in other words…you will get your money’s worth!

Happy Oil Pulling!


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