21DSD Jello!

One of my favorite childhood foods was when my mom made Jello with fruit cocktail inside of it. And that was supposed to be the “healthy” part of the meal. HAHA!…No offense mom.

Well, I just created a 21 Day Sugar Detox approved version using Kombucha, grass fed gelatin, lemon juice and a green apple!

I will make this super easy.

  • Pour in 16oz of kombucha of your choice, (I used GT’s Trilogy), into a saucepan and bring to a light boil
  • Return to a simmer as you slowly whisk in your ¼ cup of gelatin.
    • The gelatin naturally wants to stick together so you have to add slowly and whisk quickly (it helps to be slightly ambidextrous hehe).
  • Give it a good 5 minutes to let the gelatin absorb into the kombucha as opposed to clumping together.
  • Then add in about ¼ cup of lemon juice (I use 365 Whole Foods brand), pour mixture into a lined, glass rectangular or square container.
  • Lastly, sprinkle chopped green apple pieces over the top, cover and place in refrigerator!

Since I normally like to incorporate kombucha, lemon juice and gelatin into my diet daily, I will eat a square…or three…to fuel my needs! It may not be a concentrated shot of gelatin and kombucha, but it’s like a yummy treat packed full of nutrients. This is especially quite the treat when you’re in the midst of 21dsd. Enjoy!


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