Weekly Workout Vol. 1

Hey all!! To make your weekly workout schedule easy to plan, we have put together a workout for each day so you don’t have to think about it and can JUST DO IT!


Duration: 20 minutes

200m row/run

15 wall balls

15 pushups

15 weighted sit ups

30 second plank


Duration: 5 rounds

200m row/run

12 knees to chest (hanging from pull up bar)

60 jump rope/20 double unders

12 tricep dips

20 sit ups for speed


Essentrics is an incredible stretching, strengthening and conditioning program that incorporates all of the benefits of yoga, pilates, tai chi and ballet. I am proud to say I am a certified instructor and every client I have worked with, no matter what fitness level they are, has benefited from it immensely. You can subscribe to their EssentricsTV and find 20-60 minutes episodes to take your tight, hard working muscles and lengthen them out. It will improve your posture, stamina, flexibility, cardiovascular health (did you know that Tai Chi has been found to be better for your heart than running??), and even digestive health. I have clients who have been healed of chronic back pain and I myself have worked through intense hip pain from years of dance and long distance running. I love to treat myself to at least 20  minutes a day, but on Wednesdays I teach a 60 minutes class and my bodies LOVES me for it because it gets me through the rest of the week strong and energized!


Duration: 20 minutes

(all using kettle bells)

10 sumo squats

10 squats

10 side to side lunges

10 kettlebell swings


Duration: 5 rounds

10 cal assault bike

20 burpees

10 toes to bar

20 side to side skaters

10 16lb ball slam

20 35lb kettlebell swing

Run with slam ball 100 yds


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