Weekly Workouts Vol. 2

We are back with a week full of workouts for you lovely people. Go at your own pace and modify if you have to. If that means you do 3 sets instead of 4, then so be it. This is YOUR lifestyle….Make it worth your while, fun, and something you look forward to every day. You are all so beautiful and amazing!!! Let us know your thoughts on these workouts. OXOXOX



Duration: 4-5 Rounds

15 WallBall

10 Burpees

15 BoxJumps

10 Knees to Chest (Bar)

  • Finish with 600 meter run


Duration: 6 Tabata Rounds (20 sec work/10 sec rest)

Round 1 – row

Round 2 – burpees

Round 3 – jump rope/double unders

Round 4 – wall ball

Round 5 – sit ups

Round 6 – box jumps


Stretch/Strengthen/Lengthen/Tone with Essentrics (our WW Vol 1 discusses the amazing benefits of this program!!)!!!


Duration: 20 Minute AMRAP

10 Pushups

10 KettleBell Swings

10 Burpees

20 Cal Rows


Duration: 5 Rounds for Time (17 minute time cap)

400 Meter Row

15 Jump Squats holding 10lb KettleBell


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