The Power of Cold Therapy



Last week my fiancé challenged me to an ice bath. Hesitant, I accepted his challenge. You can conclude that whenever my boo puts me up to a challenge, I accept….No I’m not a competitive person by any means (the opposite in fact) but he always pushes my limits and I admire him for that…so when the opportunity to push my limits arose, I said YES. The dreaded ice bath day came, and don’t get me wrong…I procrastinated the heck out of it. I made tea, I worked out extra….sat in the sauna longer…I was afraid of the pain!!! But. Alas it was time to make the plunge into the 30 pounds of ice. Yes it was horrible. I cried probably 10 times. But when the 15 minutes passed and I felt that stream of glorious hot water on my back, all of the agony was worth it.  I was never aware of all the benefits cold therapy has to offer. Exposure to cold can improve thyroid function, cause fat loss and increase overall resilience. Doctors use cold exposure with patients to increase leptin sensitivity, boost strength, and speed wound healing. ( I must admit, I  immediately felt the positive effects. I slept better, and I swear I felt lighter and smaller the next morning when I woke up. I am now on my 4th ice bath and I am loving the benefits. It is always nice to challenge your limits and push yourself to do bigger and greater things. I encourage all of you fellow paleo pals out there to try this amazing mental test….go to your nearest grocery store and purchase 2 20 pound  bags of ice and dump them in a tub full of cold water. Submerse yourself up to your neck for 20 minutes and I guarantee you will reap positive benefits. TRY IT!!! Push yourself. You’re not truly living life until you push yourself to do the unthinkable!

That is all!!! If you complete this task…reward yourself with a paleo margarita that can be found in the recipe section of this blog. Xoxoxoxo -Chelsea



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