Taco Tues: Tacos just like Chipotle


Hello world, I am t-minus 10 seconds to crazy right now. I am headed up north for Thanksgiving to be with my family as well as celebrate my engagement. My fiancé, kitty, puppy, and I will be making the 9 hour drive in just a couple hours….EEK I made this taco recipe a couple days ago because I knew this morning was going to be hectic, which brings me to todays topic-BE PREPARED. See, if I were to wait until today to make a recipe I know I would end up skipping out on it and today’s post because I was too busy. This is a slippery slope for me because 1 missed day becomes 2, which turns into 3, then 4 and so on. I don’t want to take that route, so instead I worked on extra recipes last week! When you prepare yourself, you can accomplish way more, not get overwhelmed, or give up. Typically, when I have stuff to do, I’ll procrastinate. Now that I’m adulting, I’ve started writing down daily schedules and time estimates of things I need to get done for the day. I schedule time for my morning routine, working out, blog posts, etc. To some of you this sounds like a nightmare, but for me it’s really been a dream come true. I no longer waste the day away sitting on my phone, or laying around. Instead I am busy to work conquering the day. AND IT FEELS AMAZING!!! How about you? What tools do you use to stay on track?

Back to taco land…this taco I made tastes just like Chipotle! AMAZING try it.



Heat coconut oil in pan then add chicken breast and top with South African Smoke Seasoning. Cook on medium high for approx 8 minutes on each side or until temp. reaches 165.

Heat up your tortillas and layer ingredients in the following order: chicken, onion, salsa, cream

Serve with lime wedges and enjoy!




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