Paleo Crepes

I’m wiped out. During my trip home on Thanksgiving, I ate grains and dairy….Now, I am irritable, tired and have a face full of acne, and all I can ask myself is, “Was it worth it?” My answer is no!! It was definitely not worth it. Then why do I continue to fall into the trap of throwing health out the window when I am outside the comforts of home? I have been looking within myself trying to figure out why I so easily reach for the cheese, milk, bread, whatever it is when i am home with family. I don’t have an answer, but i am sick and tired of this stupid pattern. UGH I’m feeling super low and frustrated today so here, a nice paleo crepe to perk me and you up.

you will need: Siete tortilla, chocolate, almond butter and agave. Smear ingredients on the tortilla and cook as you would a quesadilla. Rub your face in that ish and cry it out. Tomorrow is a new day and you will be stronger than you are today. I love you all and we are all fighting this battle together.




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