Lighten Your Load Mentally

Well….2017 sure started with a bang huh?? Wow. If January is any indication of what this year will be like, we are going to get a lot of $H!+ done!! But when we take on too much and life gets to be too much, our bodies go into major stress mode and we don’t perform our best, we don’t take care of ourselves, we make mistakes and create accidents (big and small). I have been struggling with anxiety attacks, lack of appetite and depression over the past couple of months and I am not going to let this continue. I have known for a while something has to change. And while I am not in the position to make any rash decisions or changes in my life, there is one thing I can change right now and that is my thought. In the past I have used food to gain control over my life but that leads to unhealthy weight loss and obsession, adding more stress to my body which leads to depression, hair loss and many other not ideal outcomes.

SO! Here is how I am handling things now. Before bed, I take out my planner and look at the next day (ONLY the next day) and I list my appointments/commitments and I list positive expressions associated with those commitments. For example, tomorrow I teach bootcamp at 8am. When I teach, I express support, inspiration and selflessness for my clients and my clients provide me with a sense of community, inspiration and bliss! That hour I spend teaching, I will be in the moment soaking up each and every one of those traits.

At some point during my day I will also…

  • spend ten minutes to take some Headspace (ten minutes of guided meditation)
  • workout because I do that for me, and I will acknowledge that hour I am giving to myself and be proud of it
  • fit in a 10-15 minute run when stress or anxiety pops up because I know it helps keep it at bay (you may have a different 10-15minute activity that helps you recover – try and discover what works for you!).
  • write down five things I am grateful for
    • i.e. – family, home, community, friends, health
  • focus on a beautiful trait to express daily
    • I have been working on achieving “harmony” and “balance.” I also stumbled upon the word “bliss” the other day, and I thought about how amazing it feels to be blissful. Can you recall a time you felt blissful?
  • eat clean and nutritious meals to keep my mind clear and my body happy
    • we are hooked on broccoli sprouts, a variety of leafy greens and healthy fats

Today I felt like I had an abundance of time on my hands (clearly since I have time to write a blog post again finally!) even though my day was packed full of appointments, meetings and assignments. My mood this week has been very balanced and I am not stressing about the things I don’t have in my life but instead being grateful for all that I do have! I really hope this resonates with some of you and I would love to hear if and how it helps.

Sending you all lots of love, harmony, balance and bliss this month! xoxo – Audrey