Two Girls, One Blog!

Hey everyone! Our names are Chelsea & Audrey and we have been best friends since freshman year of high school…not to age us…but that’s over 12 years!! We both have had different journeys and reasons why the Paleo Lifestyle is the only way for us, and we are here to bring you along for the ride. Buckle up…IT’S GOING TO BE EXHILARATING!

Paleo sometimes gets a bad wrap as just another “fad diet” or “another version of Atkins,” but it’s so much more than that (and those are two TOTALLY incorrect accusations). The paleo diet advocates fueling your body with the nutrient dense foods that it can actually digest and break down efficiently. Every BODY is different so what may be a sensitivity to Chelsea, Audrey may thrive on. That being said, you will learn so much about your body and really get in touch with it, all the way to the center of your gut!

We are here to inspire, live, learn and grow together. Welcome aboard, mates!



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